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What Pressure Washer do I need?

Investing in a pressure washer can be a great way to keep the exterior of your home and your outdoor area clean. Using water expelled at a high pressure, these washers clean surfaces much more effectively than the traditional soap-and-bucket method. There are many different pressure washers to choose from – with some more suitable for your backyard and others better for commercial use. This guide should help you work out the most suitable pressure washer for your needs.

The “pressure” in pressure washers measures how much force the washer can push the water out with. This is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). A higher PSI means a more powerful washer. These PSI’s can get quite high on more industrial pressure washers, but if you’re only looking to clean the surface of your deck or your car, a PSI of around 2,000 should do the job. If you want to remove stains from concrete, or wash the side of your house, you may need to look for something closer to 3,000 PSI.

If you look for washers with more power, you’ll find that the more medium-duty washers have a petrol motor to drive the pressure. As a general rule, if the washer is just for home use then an electric washer should be enough to meet your PSI needs.

How do I use a Pressure Washer?

Once you’ve got your new power washer, it should come with a range of nozzle heads for different applications. If you don’t know how much pressure is safe for a particular surface, always start at the lower end of the nozzles and work your way up to higher pressures.

The washer itself should be relatively simple to set up. Attach your hose to supply the water and then connect the pressure washer nozzle. It’s also common for pressure washers to have an inlet for you to add specific detergents and degreasing agents to help scrub out any particularly stubborn stains.

How to Safely Use a Pressure Washer

It may be hard to imagine that water – even pressurised water – can be dangerous, but that is not the case.

For perspective, a standard garden hose would likely have a PSI of less than 50, and a fire hose in Australia is typically rated for under 150. Even a low-pressure power washer can easily reach a PSI in the thousands.

This means that you need to be very aware while you’re using your pressure washer, even with a gentler nozzle. Never point it at anything living –  like a plant, pet or person – because you could cause them serious harm. Use eye protection just to be safe, and potentially even hearing protection if you have a petrol-powered model. Close-toed shoes are also smart, especially if you’re working on a driveway or other under-foot surface that requires a lot of pressure to clean.

When should I use a Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are good for dealing with lots of different stains and buildups of dirt. In some cases they’re useful for saving you time, like by quickly hosing down your deck. In other situations it can be the best way to get rid of tough stains and grime that you wouldn’t be able to remove otherwise.

Some popular uses for pressure-washing include:

  • Cleaning dirt and mud off your car
  • Quickly cleaning your deck
  • Cleaning lawn mowers and other gardening equipment
  • Removing dirt buildup from the sides of your house and home windows
  • Cleaning dirt, or even rust, from your fences
  • Removing stains from the concrete flooring of your patio, garage, etc.
  • Brightening and cleaning your driveway

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