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Choosing The Right Drill For Your Project

Every DIY enthusiast needs a quality drill that is versatile enough to help them achieve the best results for their home project.

The right drill will let you be more precise with your movements, whilst also giving you the peace of mind that your final product will be as sturdy as possible.

When it comes to choosing a drill, it’s important to remember that upgrading is usually your best bet. Drills can make or break a DIY project and they should be one of the best quality tools in your tool shed.

Follow this drill buying guide on how to choose a drill that’s right for you.

Consider what you will use it for

The best thing you can do when looking through the types of drills and deciding which to purchase is to consider what you’ll be using it for.

Various types of drills have different levels of power and accessories. Older models may no longer be powerful enough to do what you need. With that said, you can choose almost any drill to hang a photo frame on the wall, but you may need a newer model for more elaborate projects.

When choosing a drill: consider the surfaces you will be drilling into, the way you need to position the drill, the length of time you’ll need to use your drill and the speed your drill needs to work at to get the job done.

The most popular power tools

These types of drills are the most popular for DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople. Often the most popular power tools are that way for a reason – such as ease of use, power and quality of results – so it’s smart to consider these types of drills when choosing a drill.

Drill Drivers

Drill drivers are great for DIY projects around the home. As the most commonly used drill, these can drive, tighten and loosen screws in common household materials like interior walls, wood and metal. However, for outside projects, these drills may not be the best option, as they can struggle to handle concrete, stone or masonry.

Hammer Drills

Hammer drills have an added feature – they can move in and out like a hammer, making it more forceful than your regular drill driver. The Hammer drill is great for outdoor projects due to its additional power and is great for drilling through strong materials. It’s important to note that the Hammer drill will likely damage softer materials when used.

Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are fast and are specifically designed to drive screws, nuts and bolts into metal and wood quickly. Like the Hammer drill, the Impact drill is loud and ear protection should be worn when using it. Note, the Impact driver has a hexagonal socket instead of a rectangular chuck, meaning drill bits can’t be swapped out between Hammer drills and Impact drivers.

Decide whether or not you need a cordless drill

Cordless drills are great if you’re looking to drill through an area without access to a nearby power source.

Generally, cordless drills are known for their versatility and are often considered easier to use than a traditional corded drill. Cordless drills give DIY-ers freedom of movement and are lightweight, making them easier to hold for long periods of time.

When choosing a cordless drill, it’s best to select one with these quality features:

    • Chuck size: 13mm to accommodate larger drill bits.
    • Reversible direction: The position of the rotation button should be easily reached without rearranging your grip.
  • Variable speed: For the drill, you should have complete control of the speed and it should be easy to operate at all levels.
  • Clutch: For your safety when the torque on the screw gets too high, the clutch should slip and stop the drill head from turning.

Selecting a cordless drill with these features will put you in the safest position to get the best work done.

How Park Road can help

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