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How to Maintain Your Weber BBQ

Owning a Weber Q is an excellent choice if you are regularly hosting guests, but in order to throw the perfect barbeque, you will need to make sure that your Weber Q is in the best possible condition.

By getting a good understanding of how your Weber BBQ works and what cleaning it requires, you will be able to keep your grill in top quality condition, ensuring the best barbeque experience possible, every time.

Cleaning After Use

It is generally a good idea to give your Weber grill a basic clean after each use, making sure it stays in pristine condition. The goal of any basic Weber Q clean should be to remove food smears and residue.

To get the best results, simply heat up your grill for ten to fifteen minutes, then use specialised grill brushes or a stainless steel brush. Make sure to also clean the inside and outside of the lid, preventing the build up of grease and food.

There is no need to use any heavy-duty chemicals or products for regular cleaning. If necessary, use a little bit of water to help scrape away the grime—once the grill has cooled down a bit.

Routine Cleaning

If you want to keep your Weber Q working at its absolute best, it is a good idea to give it a more thorough clean on a regular basis. If you use your barbeque often, routine cleaning is best done weekly. If you use it less frequently, try to schedule a monthly clean, or after every five uses. By doing this, you will get better grill marks on your food and improved flame distribution.

The first thing you should do in a more thorough clean is give the cooking grate a good wash with hot water and detergent. Next, you will want to clear out the burner tube, using either a stainless steel brush or a smaller object, such as a hairpin.

If your Weber Q has built up grease or food particles, scrape them into the drip tray. It is important to replace drip pans when they get full, so keep an eye on yours as you clean your Weber Q.

Intensive Cleaning

It’s worth doing an intensive clean once a year. Done right, an intensive clean will make your gas grill seem as good as new.

A clean Weber Q can be one of the effective ways to maintaining your BBQ and keep it running for years. During an intensive clean is also a good opportunity to give your BBQ accessories a good scrub.

Before getting started, make sure to replace your grill brush so that you can get the best clean possible. If there are any grease or food build ups that have been resistant to cleaning, you may want to use steel wool to get rid of them.

Check your gates, making sure there is no sign of corrosion. In order to re-seal the grates, remove them from the Weber Q and spray them with oil, then put them back on and turn the heat on for several minutes.

Make sure to check for any damage to the lid, while going through the same steps as you would with routine cleaning. This is a good time to use non-corrosive chemicals, helping your grill get back into perfect condition.

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