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Why You Need Artificial Plants in Your Home

Green plants and flowers are one of the most popular ways to decorate homes – and for good reason. Natural plants are a simple and affordable way to transform your space for both guests and your very own family.

While natural plants are a beautiful option with many wonderful benefits, artificial plants can also make for a colourful addition to your home. Whether you are interested in creating an artificial plant wall or an artificial hanging plant display, fake plants are a stunning and convenient way to bring nature into your home. 

Simple to Look After

When natural plants are properly taken care of, they can brighten any room with their colour and beauty. However, some varieties of natural plants can be temperamental and are prone to dulling and wilting. These are all problems that can be fixed with an artificial plant.

In most cases, an artificial plant will last forever and is extremely simple to look after. Maintenance involves occasional dusting and ensuring their colour is not faded by harsh direct sunlight.

Flexible Light Requirements

While natural plant varieties are beloved for their often unique sunlight preferences, their limitation is that most cannot be used in poorly lit areas of the home. The solution to this is artificial potted plants, which do not require sunlight – or any light at all – to look beautiful. Indoor decorative artificial plants are purpose-built to look stunning and vibrant all year round, no matter the weather or where in the home you choose to place them. This is ideal for apartments or older homes with windows that are positioned inconveniently, as it means you can decorate your home without considering where the sunlight hits.

No Allergies

Pollen is a substance found in plants that gives rise to allergies in many people, which can be a problem when natural plants are used to decorate the home. If you suffer from hay fever or a pollen allergy, artificial plants may be your best choice. Using artificial plants for home decor is the easiest way to bring the outdoors into your home – without all that pesky pollen. If you’d still prefer natural plants, opt for those without pollen, such as non-flowering shrubs and bushes.

No Mess

One of the reasons some people prefer natural plants is due to their need for regular pruning and maintenance. This is a fun hobby for many gardening enthusiasts and flower-lovers alike, however, for others it can be considered time-consuming and messy. If you fall into the latter category, artificial plants are perfect for you. There is no pruning or cutting required, and no leaves to sweep away as they fall during autumn. To get your plant into the desired shape, it is often a simple matter of bending the wire into place. 

Other Planting Needs

While artificial plants are a perfect choice in a pinch, there is a reason why natural plants are still preferred by homeowners, gardeners and interior decorators alike. Each unique plant brings a special charm and brightness to your home, and the process of caring for natural plants is often a very fulfilling hobby.

If you still feel that natural plants are the right choice for you, it’s important to get the best tools and materials to help your plants thrive. Park Road Timber and Hardware’s catalogue is filled with quality potting mixes and fertilisers to boost plant growth and make it easier than ever to successfully grow a decorative plant in your home.

Chat with the experts

Whether you opt for natural potted plants or fake outdoor plants to decorate your home and garden, it’s important to understand the benefits of each variety. While both natural and artificial plants are wonderful options, you may choose one over the other due to the unique requirements of your own home.

Choosing the right plant can be an involved process, which is why you should look to the experts for help. The friendly team at Park Road Timber and Hardware are trained to guide you in your artificial plant decor journey, catering directly to your needs, budget and time requirements. See what’s on offer in our newest catalogue, or get in touch with the experts today at (03) 03 9909 5397.

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