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Kids Backyard Ideas for the Summer Holidays

What better way to ensure hours of fun this summer than transforming your backyard into a kid-friendly paradise? There are plenty of DIY projects for the backyard that can encourage both physical and creative play. Get inspired with the below backyard ideas for kids, with projects of various skill levels to suit any DIY enthusiast.

Creative Play Zones

Spark imagination this summer by building a creative play zone. Begin by mapping out the space for the DIY backyard design, accounting for existing trees or structures, to utilise space efficiently.


DIY sandboxes can be adjusted to fit perfectly into a specific location, with the option of building either above-ground or in-ground. For longevity, ensure you use materials such as treated pine that can handle outdoor conditions.
For an added bonus, consider leaving a surprise at the bottom of the sandpit for your kids to discover. With a mould and some cement, you can create old ‘dinosaur fossils’ to be dug and uncovered.

DIY Cubby Houses

A cubby house is the perfect addition to a backyard DIY playground and offers the opportunity to get creative. Whether adjusting an existing cubby house or creating it from scratch, consider adding a theme that matches your child’s interests.
Using some signage, new paint and small details, a backyard cubby house can be transformed into a pirate ship, cafe or even veterinary hospital. Consider adding elements that encourage physical play, such as a small rock climbing ramp or swing to make the most of your space.

Veggie Patch

Growing a vegetable garden can get the whole family involved, with the added bonus of being a fantastic learning opportunity.
A raised garden bed can be built from a range of materials, including stone, brick, corrugated metal, wood or even old tires. Promote creativity by using fun shapes and DIY decorations, like sectioning a garden bed into ‘slices’ of pizza.

Physical Play Zones

Children learn movement, balance and coordination skills through play. Adapting the backyard to encourage outdoor physical activity can help foster development.

Sports Field

A backyard can be transformed into a makeshift sports field perfect for play. Depending on the size of the space you have, you can build a half-field or utilise vertical space using hoops.
A simple soccer goal can be made using PVC pipes, zip ties and bird netting. As added entertainment, kids can get involved in simple parts of the building process.

Ring Toss

Building your own ring toss game is one of the simplest DIY backyard ideas. All you need is rope for the rings, a base and some upright pieces of wood. For added fun, make a day out of letting the kids paint or decorate the wood.


Building a DIY backyard waterpark can help fight the summer heat while encouraging physical play. With a simple plastic tarp, a hose and some dish soap, you can easily create a daring slip-and-slide. You can also create a splash pad using a tarp, a hose and an empty two-litre bottle with holes in it.

Safety and Maintenance Tips

It is important to inspect play stations periodically for signs of wear. Check for potential hazards such as rotting wood, protruding bolts or loose steps and railings regularly, and supervise children as they play.
It is also important to be proactive about your own safety. You can invest in quality safety equipment to reduce the risk of injury while building.

Find the Best Supplies for the Job

With these do-it-yourself projects, you can transform your backyard into a fun-filled playground. With a combination of physical and creative play zones, your children can have hours of fun and enrichment.
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