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How to Start Gardening

There are few things more relaxing than gardening, particularly as the weather gets warmer. It’s no wonder that so many people love this hobby, as it involves being around nature and watching as a garden flourishes into something truly beautiful. Whether you’re looking to plant flowers or start a vegetable garden, you really can’t go wrong.

Starting a garden can feel overwhelming at first – from choosing the right plants to garden landscaping, there’s a lot to do. However, if you break it all down into steps and enjoy the process, you will soon be proud of the garden you have created. 

At Park Road Timber and Hardware, we have everything you need to start your very own garden. Whether it’s compost, seeds, tools, garden edging or just some friendly advice, we have you covered. If you want to get started with your own garden, we recommend following the tips below.

How Do You Start a Garden?

Consider What You Want to Plant

Every garden is different, and it all starts with the purpose. Do you want to grow vegetables or herbs that you’ll enjoy with dinner? Or are you looking to create a garden that is beautiful and relaxing by planting a variety of flowers? Take time to consider what is best for your garden, so that you get the best results.

Find the Perfect Location

Garden location is everything. Although it is possible to grow a garden on a slope, you are almost always better off finding a flat spot. This will also make it easier to put in garden edging, keeping your garden under control.

It is also likely that your plants will need several hours of sun every day, so find a spot that will allow them to thrive. Observe your garden to find out where the shade is, compared to where it gets the most sun exposure. 

Clear the Area

Before you get planting, it is important to clear out your garden area. This means getting rid of any weeds and even the turf. For the best results, you may want to remove the grass entirely. You can do this easily with a spade, by slicing under the turf and then cutting it into sections so it can easily be moved. With a cleared garden area, your plants will be ready to prosper.

Prepare Beds for Planting

With the area cleared, it is time to prepare your garden bed for planting. This can involve loosening the soil through tilling to help roots grow and access nutrients, as well as composting. When tilling, make sure that the soil is moist and turn the top eight inches, while adding compost.

Choose Your Plants

You can choose your plants at any point in the process, but once your garden bed is ready, it is time to make the final decision. We recommend spending some time looking through garden catalogues or browsing a garden centre, such as ours at Park Road Timber and Hardware. The most important thing is that your plants are compatible with the climate, soil and amount of sunlight available.

Get Planting

Planting a successful garden involves good timing. Certain plants can grow during the colder months, while others require warm temperatures to flourish. It is important to note that every plant is different, so it is worth doing some research on the best time to grow your plants.

When starting a garden, it can be beneficial to purchase young plants rather than seeds. These are called transplants or set plants. If planting with this method, make sure to follow instructions carefully. Do so, and you’ll have a beautiful garden in no time.


Whether you have planted seedlings or transplants, they will need a lot of water, particularly while the roots are establishing. Check the moisture of your soil frequently and keep watering, particularly if there isn’t much rain.

You can further support your garden with mulch, which will help to keep the weeds away while maintaining moisture levels for longer. All you need is a couple of inches to get your garden thriving. 

Growing a garden is a continuous process, so be prepared to give it plenty of maintenance and love to keep it at its best. 

How We Can Help With Starting a Garden

At Park Road Timber and Hardware, we have everything you could possibly need to begin your own garden. With click and collect available, it has never been easier to get started.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, why not visit us and ask our expert staff for some advice? Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by calling 03 9909 5397 or filling out our online contact form.

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