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Pool Supplies and Water Testing

At Park Road Timber & Hardware, we offer a great Range of Pool Clear Testing and Cleaning Accessories as well as a full range of Freestyle Pool Cleaning and maintenance chemicals to keep your pool in tip top condition.

We also offer a free and comprehensive pool testing service that will give you a detailed report on the state of your pool water, inform you of what products you can use to bring it up to standard and even tells you how to use those chemicals safely and efficiently.

  • Our water tester uses a Super Accurate Patented Technology
  • It is an Ultra-Fast Test – Only takes 60 Seconds
  • Provides Easy to read instructions
  • Will run 12 Comprehensive Tests on your water sample
  • And our pricing is very competitive so you can affordably maintain the quality of your pool water

We offer the top treatment products to help you look after your pool. We carry the Freestyle Pool Cleaning range due to their affordability, great quality and service.

The Freestyle range includes:

  • Triple Action Pool Chlorine
  • Supreme Pool Chlorine
  • Alginox Algaecide
  • Pool Acid







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